09 Apr 2014

Boron Nutri-Facts (North American Edition)

Nutri-Facts is a series of fact sheets written by our scientific staff that is focused on essential plant nutrients and their use. Boron (B) Nutri-Facts presents a concise overview of B in plants and soils, it's deficiency and toxicity symptoms, crop response to B and fertilizing soils with B.

Iron (Fe) deficiency in coffee
07 Apr 2014

2014 Crop Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest is Now Open

This year our contest features some important changes. Photos and supporting information can be submitted until December 11, 2014 (Thursday, 5pm EST).

04 Mar 2014

Better Crops with Plant Food #1 2014

The 'Read More' link below will take you directly to the contents for our most recent Issue of Better Crops. This web portal also gives you easy access to an archive of past issues and an ability to download each individual article.

25 Feb 2014

2014 Edition of Catalog of Publications

Download this year's booklet to learn about our latest listing of publications as well as details on ordering.

18 Feb 2014

Nutrient Source Specific - #25 Urease Inhibitors

Some compounds added to urea or urea-containing fertilizers can reduce the rate of the first “hydrolysis” step, and slow the rate of ammonia production. Under certain conditions, this can help reduce ammonia loss to the atmosphere.

Snapshot of the cover of the booklet
18 Feb 2014

NEW BOOKLET/CD - Soil Acidity & Evaluation Management

This booklet provides a concise review of key concepts related to soil acidity, its evaluation and control through various management options. The book is 30 pages long, wire-o bound with dimensions 8 1/2 x 11 in.

Photo courtesy of www.agriculture.com
11 Feb 2014

5 Economic Considerations For Optimal Fertilizer Efficiency

Changes in crop prices often generate questions about the economics of fertilization. A detailed answer for a specific situation will depend on several factors, but a review of some fundamental principles can give us a foundation for addressing such questions. An article written by Drs. Paul Fixen and Mike Stewart on this issue has recently been published in CropLife magazine.

Soybean at early stage showing symptoms of K deficiency
05 Feb 2014

TODAY is the Deadline for Nutrient Deficiency Photo Contest Submissions

IPNI is continuing sponsorship of its plant nutrient deficiency photo contest during 2013 to encourage field observation and increase understanding of crop nutrient deficiencies. Photos and supporting information can be submitted until December 12th.

21 Jan 2014

2014 IPNI Scholar Award Program for Graduate Students

We are pleased to announce the availability of IPNI Scholar Award program for 2014. Deadline to apply for the award this year is APRIL 30. Only a limited number of recipients are selected for the award, worth US$2,000 each. “These awards are made possible by our member companies and are evidence of their respect for science,” said IPNI President Dr. Terry Roberts.

17 Jan 2014

e-Book Format of 4R Plant Nutrition Manual is Available

Our 4R Plant Nutrition Manual is available in an eBook format, and is available for download directly from the iTunes store.

Potassium Deficiency in Soybean
25 Nov 2013

Is Potassium Fertilizer Really Necessary?: An Issue Review

Recently, the question has been raised of whether or not agriculture should be using potassium (K) fertilizers. Dr. T.S. Murrell, IPNI Northcentral Director, has prepared a review of this issue examining how the soil fertility and plant nutrition science determines if or when K should be applied.

19 Nov 2013

New Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator Released

The International Plant Nutrition Institute has just released its multilingual, web-based Crop Nutrient Removal Calculator tool.